you know what i want?

biscuits and gravy. preferably from a small, frumpy-looking truckstop on a frontage road with a waitress possibly named Betty Lou or maybe even Flo.

17 thoughts on “you know what i want?

  1. Oh, man,. You mean the place where they get the pepper/sausage balance just right, not like the wannabe places!

    Oh, my yes. Hey, there’s one up in Crescent City. I stopped there on my bike one time…

  2. Come on over, and I’ll fix you some. Sausage or fatback? I’ll even throw on my old waitress uniform just for you. 😉

  3. MMMMMMMMMMM…………easily one of my favorite breakfast meals on earth. If not a truck stop then from a tiny little old school diner! YUM!!!

  4. biscuits and gravy…one (two?) of those foods that make me wanna abandon my semi-almost-but-not-quite-(i-still-eat-seafood) vegetarian practices and just dig in.

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