attention slackers:

um. this is just wrong. people shouldn’t surf the internet at work. the drain on productivity, etc, etc. but anyway:

ghostzilla renders Web pages to look indistinguishable from your work screen. you make it disappear instantly with one move of your hand and bring it back with another. ghostzilla can show Web pages discreetly within literally any application you work with.

i might download this, for those rare, isolated occasions when i look at the internet at work. on my breaks. you know.

14 thoughts on “attention slackers:

  1. Damn. Why do I think of these things after I hit the Post button? Remember the flap Davezilla got into with the trademark-holder for Godzilla? How long do you think it’ll take for the ghostzilla folks to get hit with a C&D?

  2. yeah, i was wondering about the Toho angle — however, Davezilla is still going strong, and they said that was probably a test battle to see if they could nail Mozilla, and so probably they’re backing off. maybe?

  3. Breaks? Umhmmm. Sure. Right. Whatever you say, kd. No, no, it’s okay – I believe you. Really.

    Hey, you could use this puppy at home, too. If you’ve got a pesky mom/husband/child and just say – “Hey, can’t you see I’m ‘working’ here? Leave me alone!!”

  4. I love stuff like that, even if I don’t use it. Here at work, I used to finish off the day with a game of Family Fued vs. a couple co-workers over at They have a little button on every page that says “PANIC!” that brings up a webpage that looks like a Microsoft Word document when you click it. I think it’s so funny that people spend their time making stuff to hide their internet addiction from their bosses!

  5. wow, this ghostzilla thingy is fairly impressive. not that i’m surfing at work.

    it’s ok, i’m about to be laid off anyway.

  6. well, the possibility is a strong one. it’s ok, i have backup plan upon backup plan, and have been working on them for some time.

  7. in many ways, i actually rather hope it does. if they do it as opposed to me, they’ll be offering concessions and freelance work and maybe even a short continuation of benefits.

    so i can bookkeep parttime in the carwash and spend the rest of my time ‘lancing, or at the beach, you know. i think i’m better suited to that sort of lifestyle anyway.

  8. I just hope you can cover the money thing if you do get laid off. Life is no fun living on Ramen noodles and potatoes. Money sucks, and capitalism is the worst idea ever (unless you happen to be one of the people benefitting from it).

    You are a web goddess, so it seems there would be lots of opportunity. Your web skills leave most of us in the dust, there’s not many of us that can build a page like you can.

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