bush is getting a playstation 2

the campaign to buy bush a playstation 2 is a success!

Dear Mr. President:

I represent a small consortium of voters who are deeply concerned over your proposed {or, if appropriate, ongoing} military action in Iraq. Given the amount of public speech and political rhetoric you have devoted to this issue in past months, it seems to us as though you are more interested in playing commando than in fighting an actual war with actual human casualties.

Enclosed with this letter, we have sent you some small gifts: one PlayStation 2 game console, one copy each of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs and Conflict: Desert Storm, a memory card and an extra controller for Mr. Cheney’s use. We ask that you accept these gifts and use them, rather than the lives of Iraqi civilians and our U.S. servicemen, to fulfill any militaristic fantasies.

via michael grandner

the campaign may be over, but there will be a photo essay of the gift-sending, and there are letters to be posted, so i’m going to be checking back periodically.

13 thoughts on “bush is getting a playstation 2

  1. I just hope it’s actually seen by somebody, and not lost in the vortex of policy that prohibits the President from accepting gifts…

  2. the guy doing this did say he was going to contact the white house about proper protocol, still, i don’t think the actual *message* will get through.

    however a friend of mine who harvests news items for a living, sent the playstation guy a list of possible contacts in the media, so if all this did was get some mainstream press along with all the internet buzz, i’d say, mission accomplished 🙂

  3. What amazes me about this issue, is that it seems that most Americans (and correct me if I am wrong) do not seem to want this “WAR” of Bush’s. But, he seems adamant about it. It does not seem to be a matter of if, but when…… can the leader of the United States of America be so pigheaded???

  4. in a word: yes. congress has decided to give him that power, in spite of an incredible amount of very vocal dissent.

  5. I’m in no position to donate, but I applaud the idea (read: wish I’d thought of it). My concern is that Cheney/Bush are too hell-bent on this to recognize irony; one hopes the staff has someone on board who does have that capacity.

    I wonder if the press has been notified. I saw nothing over there to indicate such, and it’s just too good not to at least try to get one of the tabloid types like the NY Post to pick up on it.

  6. “most Americans (and correct me if I am wrong) do not seem to want this “WAR” of Bush’s.”

    Dr. D, if you look at the polls, they still run 60% in favor of it; I think it’s the “support the President” urge that automatically kicks in with us when we feel threatened. Many of those who agree start to have doubts when the poll questions get more specific (if it costs tons of casualties, if we have to go alone without the UN or other allies, etc.). Some of us who disagree are not wholly against it if we could be shown some credible reason why the situation with Hussein and Iraq has changed to the point where war is needed. So far, speaking for myself, I haven’t been shown what’s different from the past 12 years of “containment.”

  7. see, that’s the thing — it’s all about how you ask the question. ask most americans do they support kicking saddam’s ass again, they go, hey sure! it was great last time! rah!

    tell them it will cost tens of thousands of lives, mention the part where the rest of the world rather disagrees, and the approval ratings plummet.

    lies, damn lies, and statistics.

  8. I simply adore that Twain quote there, kd. And god, what a great idea. I’m with Linkmeister there — they won’t get it.

    As a sidenote, we taped the entire That’s my Bush! marathon tonight on Comedy Central. All eight episodes. I didn’t like it nearly this much the first time around, but now that I have more fodder? I suspect it might be brilliant.

    We’ll see.

  9. I don’t know if that is such a good idea. I heard that “Conflict: Desert Storm” sucked. Gamespot.com gave it a 4.8 out of 10. 😉

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