feel free to ignore me

or more accurately the post appearing directly underneath this one. i’m hungover, PMSing like a fiend, and that just had to come out, kinda like a diseased, swollen, pus-filled appendix or something. don’t take it personally, ok? thanks.

8 thoughts on “feel free to ignore me

  1. Yes, dear.

    Talk to you next week…

    (Yep, all those years; you pick up a thing or two.)

    Kinda’ hard to disagree with your conclusions in your “ifpoams” post though.

  2. But I bet it felt good to get that off of your chest, didn’t it though?

    I threw away all my votes on the Green candidates and the Independance Party here, and contributed to the razor thin Republican victories. I don’t feel bad about wasting votes, I’d feel worse about not voting for the candidates who stood up for peace and renewable energy and the environment.

  3. hmm, i dunno about that. the candidate statemens for some of the local guys were enough to curl your teeth. pro-life, pro-gun, pro-death penalty, oh my god. had i voted, i’d have felt the need to vote against them in a way that had a chance of keeping them out of office.

  4. kd – never, ever apologize for something you’ve posted. unless, of course, you were mean and hateful. this wasn’t mean and hateful. it’s just venting.

    being a woman without a country is really frustrating as i can’t vote.

    hang in there girl.

  5. well, Deborah, i felt a little funny about it since, in essence, i called the entire human race stupid, that i should, you know, offer a little disclaimer 🙂

    it really was good venting though.

  6. people are stupid, kd, being one i can say that 🙂

    probably, Linkmeister, at least in federal stuff. but it’s not just getting it set up. it’s being able to make informed decisions that’s difficult. i’d have to get 99% of my info from the Internet. and well, it’s the Internet. for local stuff – what (where?) would i pick? Washington State is closest but since i don’t live there Hawaii would make as much sense 😉

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