fever! the movie

… when i was a child, i had a fever, my hands felt just like two balloons,
i turned to look but it was gone, i cannot put my finger on it now,
the child is grown, the dream is gone …

i don’t run high fevers like i did when i was a kid — 104, 105, sooooo psychedelic. now? for the most part i am under 98 degrees, so 99.5 is like woohoo! i mean it’s bad and all, but i don’t really mind. (just that lingering tummy bug whatever thing, no worries). but i remember (sort of remember) (actually this is pretty much all i remember of it, too) the summer i was five, and i had typhoid. caught it on vacation in tijuana. found out what i had when i came home from a birthday party to find a quarantine notice on my door. anyway, what a fever that was. i can remember the feeling i was being run over by a train. just laying there under the train watching it roll over me. rather detachedly, as i recall.

anyway so i was just laying there on the couch, and hearing the digimon rumble arena theme song distantly in my head, and it kinda reminded me.

4 thoughts on “fever! the movie

  1. Heh. When I get sick, my temp is usually about 97 F. But in college, I got scarlet fever. 104 and rising. I actually hallucinated for about 24 hours, until the fever finally broke for good. To this day, I cannot remember taking any of my end of term exams (I got sick during the last week of the term, right before Christmas break). Until I got my test results, I was convinced that I’d missed the tests due to illness. Eeeek.

  2. well, i just slept twelve hours, give or take getting up for strange snacks in the night. and dreaming about LSD. well, about not being able to get anyone to give me their LSD. meanies.

    oh god i have to clean this house.

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