filler pictures

in lieu of an effort at blogging that would be physically beyond me, i offer: (1) an amazing sunset that i couldn’t get a good picture of, (2) it’s raining! but it’s too late for the plants, i fear, and, (3) my cat, caught in the act of attempted tripping.


10 thoughts on “filler pictures

  1. kd, if that cat is in the act of tripping, it’s because its cohabitant wasn’t watching where she was going; poor beastie looks way too happy and sleepy to take such aggressive action (you know, I had to look up the spelling of aggressive to be sure it had two “g’s?”).

  2. man, your mother in law had such good stuff – if i had that lottiel wrought iron table, i’d spray paint it sage green and use it inside.


  3. ur a dumb bitch…..adn im deeply sorry if ur guy, becaus in that instence i would or shoul have said, “u stupid dick”….why do peole blog…its point less…ps//get a L-i-f-………..e.

  4. hey….i looked at he pi above i thought it was just breathtaking, until i realized it wasnt a giantpussy and instead a sunset.

    sencrley sandy beaches….i mean summers.

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