for edification, click here.

for amusement purposes, click here.

otherwise, please come back a bit later, by which time i’ll have snapped myself out of this, hopefully.

14 thoughts on “funk

  1. taking my hair out of the ponytail helped. apparently it was pulled too tight. i’m not only sad and silly, i’m also a moron.

  2. I am having trouble with my server today, so I will repost:
    I didn’t know she was writing about you, I thought it was someone else. Actually, it could be anyone….
    And no, you aren’t a moron..
    And put the poneytail back in..ya look cute in a ponytail….

  3. oh, no, i was kidding about that. (i hope). no, i don’t really … well i do but … i don’t think she wrote it about me, i just think it applies. and it’s a great post, very applicable to a lot of things these days. and that’s not why i’m whining.

    i’m just in a funk. no particular rhyme or reason to it. just a general malaise. when i have that sort of thing going on, i try to post some interesting links (content replacement, as it were).

  4. mmmm…filler. I’ve done the pony tail thing before. I’m always “doh!” when I take it out. I hope your head gets better soon.

    Oh, and Melly rocks. And Keith’s post was hilarious. 😀

    Now go over and put your name in the drawing for a copy of The Sims Online (beta) on my blog. We could be roomies. :p

  5. I’m listening to my funk station on netscape radio.

    Funk isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

    “If you can’t understand what we’re needing, take a good look around at the cieling…Central Heating.”


    …cuz if you’re getting down, you might as well be funky.

  6. heh – “and not the good kind, either” is what’s in the excerpt of the entry — i have to find a way to have that show up somewhere in the post. maybe as a mouseover of the title or something.

    at least my head stopped hurting, mostly. and it’s almost time to go home. these are good things.

  7. Hey kd, do you ever watch “That 70’s Show?” I ask because I just noticed that the actor that plays Red Foreman (the crabby dad) has the first name Kurtwood.

  8. actually we found out about that soon after we picked the name — he’s a character actor in lots of stuff (we saw him play a general in some bad steven segal movie about a train or something). hahaha — beat him to his own first name dot com, didn’t we? yes, we did.

  9. Hey KD! I can’t believe that no one else mentioned the link to the funny stuff. It is absolutely great! I’m going to link it. As MB. Jr. would say, “Because I have to!!! (Said whenever you tell him he can’t do something that he wants to.) Much love!

  10. bad scary pictures. *shiver*

    unfortunately, i won’t be able to cheer up until, or unless, my head stops hurting. and it doesn’t seem so inclined.

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