hair art & a sunset

why yes, as a matter of fact i do have a brandy snifter full of hair wrapped in fuchsia mardi gras beads. i mean, doesn’t everyone, at least figuratively speaking? i thought so. here it is, in its natural habitat, and also, posed up against the wall. because.

oh. the sunset. right, here you go:

13 thoughts on “hair art & a sunset

  1. I’m with deborah. Scarey, kd. Very, very (interesting) scary. I’m envisioning your son having friends over to play…”Oh, that’s just my mom’s brandy snifter full of hair and beads. She told me everyone’s mom has one…whaddo you mean? Your mom doesn’t? It isn’t…a mommy thing? Man. My mom is cool.”

  2. i think it needs more beads. which is good, because it can’t have more hair, i’m about out of that.

    i never thought of it traumatizing my kid though. i mean, well, … i >am the cool mom. really.

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