22 thoughts on “i am so ominous i’m up at this hour

  1. oh btw i took it again today, in the bright light of day with a blood alcohol content of zero, and i was only 7.

    i guess i’m more ominous when drunk.

  2. no, quite the opposite — i tend to be a very silly drunk. in fact, so silly, it’s absolutely terrifying. yeah.

    fear my whimsy!

  3. ahh. it’s a matter of mood. i’m in a rather, er, well, ominous mood right now, and i managed a nine.

    you have an ominosity quotient of nine. you are so ominous that you sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out.

    i was also curious to know what it said. wonder if i could do a ten. couple more beers, and we’ll see.

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