i keep forgetting

that i have green apple twists (like red vines, you know, but … not red) in my desk drawer. every time i open that drawer, i’m mildly pleasantly surprised by the rediscovery.

sometimes it rocks being an airhead.

8 thoughts on “i keep forgetting

  1. You’re not an airhead. An airhead would never have figured out ho or took the time to put more features and gadgets and doodads on their webpage than any ten other combined! I think you’re a genius.

  2. the green apple ones are sooo interesting. and you can’t eat the whole one pound package at once, they’re too intense, so they last longer than those red ones.

  3. I’m agreeing with the other folk. You’re not an airhead, but you are a genious. And so, in your state of geniousness you can’t be troubled with airheady things like green apple twists in your drawer. So, when you open the drawer, you are simply suprised with the little, uncomplicated things of life…


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