i kick the habit, shed my skin

so i was in kmart or big k or whatever it’s called these days, to get some bubblegum flavored children’s flu stuff, and i wandered into the haircolor aisle, thinking of looking for something called ‘i’ve completely lost my mind red’ or something like that. and then i got sidetracked by various shades of glowy topaz, and some really wacky blondes gone wild, and i realized … i can’t decide. i don’t like mouse brown, but since i can’t have color that changes as easily as blog skins, i just can’t do it … well, yet.

speaking of skins, those of you not actually selecting one, are most likely going to see spongebob in a bit, on account of Lisa can’t get them to stick, and she misses the bob.

9 thoughts on “i kick the habit, shed my skin

  1. temporary hair colour is our friend 🙂
    you just have to take into consideration what colour you’ve changed it to when you want to change it again.

  2. my hair is too dark and too unruly to accept temporary color. i have to molest it with powerful hair dye to make it change at all.

    it’s still hot as hell here.

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