in all honesty

in my entry about the election, i alluded to voting. i did not describe actually voting myself, except to say in a general way what i thought about the process, and how i tend to vote when i do.

which in this case, i did not. the reasons were manyfold: i felt too hopeless with my political agenda. i did read the sample ballot cover-to-cover, it moved me to tears of fear and rage on several occasions. i was informed. and i knew it was an impossible battle from the vantage point of my views and where i live. the local elections would be decided by the landed gentry, and their take on the issues. the larger issues would be decided by the california electorate, which is quite liberal, perhaps the most liberal in the nation, and they didn’t need my sorry ass. but mostly it’s that i’ve been such an apathetic ball of apathy in the past, i’ve only recently taken any ineterest in this, and the form i had to fill in and return arrived just a day before it was due. would have required time off work to go down to the courthouse and file it in person.

yes i suck. will i refrain from complaining? hah. you know me better than that.

i think i’ll go crawl in a corner and weep with shame. maybe do that beercan crushing on the forehead trick i do. do you know how much that hurts? eh. well, no, i really won’t be beating myself about the head tonight.

but the thought is there.

18 thoughts on “in all honesty

  1. I can only say this after the fact and in consolation, because in any other circumstance I’d shout myself down.

    Fuck it, your vote was one out of a few million and hardly mattered anyway.

    Shh… don’t tell anyone I said that. I just hope you feel a little better 🙂

  2. in the past when i have voted, it seemed like everything i voted for lost. so i didn’t want to jinx anyone. no, no, no that’s weak. oy. i do suck, and so not in a good way.

    i hate confessing.

  3. nope, no voting here either, 😉
    come to think of it I am not sure when our next elections are either. I ‘ve been seeing snippits on the news. hmmm, about high time that I start paying attention to what’s happening in canada , eh?

    No beating yeself on the head, there is always next time.

  4. “Fuck it, your vote was one out of a few million and hardly mattered anyway.”

    Nice. Tally the missing votes of people with that mentality, and you might’ve swung an election somewhere. Or multiple somewheres.

  5. We are both extremely bad and have to wallow in guilt til the end of the week for not voting. Then it will be a new week and we will go on, to vote again another November!
    At least that’s what I’m telling myself.
    I feel reeeeally guilty.

    And Jen you are *so* not helping, even tho the comment is accurate.
    My first priority is to register…

  6. Y’know, batty, I adore you, but I don’t care if I’m so not helping.

    Why? Because I will have to listen to the approximately 40% of my friends and relatives who didn’t bother to vote bitch/moan/complain/whine/rant about that which they did nothing to change. Until the next election, that is, when they’ll likely have a fresh excuse for making zero effort to effect change in this country.

    People: If you want to complain that the country is going to hell in a Prada handbasket, please freaking STEP UP AND VOTE. Or shut up for a change.

    Strong words, yeah, I know. But if you’re not actively making a stand, you’re part of your own big problem.

  7. i’m going to mail the thing in today ok? i am just a procrastinator. i put things off. it’s what i do. i procrastinate *way* more important things than this, regularly.

    i’m a bad person. i’m lazy, and i wait till the last minute and then on beyond that.

    i’m trying to get better. well thinking seriously about it.

  8. I don’t think the mail-in ballot is valid after the elections, kd. :/

    We’ll just have to come get you and drag you to the polls in 2004. 😉

    I’m disappointed that some of my friends (not just online friends–real life friends, too) didn’t vote, but I still love them all.

  9. no i meant the registration thingy. that’s why i didn’t vote — that registration card is still sitting there on top of my monitor. wow. i didn’t even mail it this morning. i really should have done that, huh? yeah.

  10. I have voted in the past for the Monster Raving Loony Party. Some people would say I might as well have not voted at all but I like to let the other parties know that they are such a shower of useless gits that I’d rather cast my vote for somebody who’s clearly taking the piss! You don’t suck and there will be plenty more elections for you to vote at – if you want to.

  11. What’s done is done, just remember the “guilt” come next election time. Now just get over it, this should serve you well as experience. Hmmm, was jut trying to look at it from a positive angle though it’s sounding tame even to my ears. Sorry!
    Anyway, don’t you have the “blank” vote in the USA? That’s a good way to feel fine with yourself, a responsible citizen, while not giving your hard earned right to vote to any suckers you don’t really agree with.

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