just sitting here thinking about napping

today has been a sleepy day. to confound matters, my coworker with the lovely pakistani accent has been hanging out in the office all day, making small talk with my boss as they try to fix his computer. the problem is the accent. it’s not just that it’s soothing, it’s absolutely hypnotic. i mean, i can physically feel the voice, it tickles my sleep centers or something, makes my eyes heavy and unfocused, my hearing goes all fuzzy-echoy, and i crave a nap so badly i can’t think of anything else.

it’s not just accents, though. some people just have voices in that certain key or with whatever inflection, i’m not sure what it is, it’s like it harmonizes with my falling-asleep brainwaves. my high school algebra teacher had such a voice, and i would constantly fall asleep in her class (it was also right after lunch. i just never had a chance to do good in that class). i would prop my head up with a hand under my chin, be holding a pencil poised in my other hand, as if ready to take notes, hide behind my hair, and fall asleep, trying not to do that jerky thing that sometimes happens when i’m falling asleep while really, really tired. like now.

8 thoughts on “just sitting here thinking about napping

  1. Wow…..I react to certain voices like that too! I’ve never heard anybody else talk about it. There was one substitute teacher we used to have quite often….and her voice did that to me. I actually used to hope we’d get her…because her voice was soooo soooothing. Yet….at the same time….that sort of disturbed me.

  2. it’s actually a pleasant feeling, except when it happens when you absolutely have to stay awake.

    you know, if i could get a tape of people speaking quietly in soft, accented voices, it might cure my insomnia!

  3. Yeah but did you ever do the thing in class where cover up a sneeze with your hands and end up with snot all over your hands and then are too embarassed to draw attention to yourself so you sit there with snotty hands?

    Me neither.

  4. I had a Maths teacher like this in University. He had a monotone! Listening to him would put me to slumber, not to mention that I did not understand one damn. I guess it’s no surprise that M080 was the only examination in my University career that I failed! It is like a damn black mark on my record!

  5. First semester calc: an older lady of evidently limited faculties <g> who spoke in a monotone and put herself to sleep. No kidding: she’d be scrawling across the board talking to herself and fade out. When she woke back up, she’d continue from the waking point (’cause evidently her thought processes continued while she was gone) rather than from when she left.

    There’s an entire generation in Industrial Technology rather than in Engineering because of her…

  6. My best friend and former roomie used to wake me up and ask me to come and talk to her when she had bouts of insomnia. I’d sit on the edge of her bed and tell her stories and I was always oddly flattered when she’d eventually drift off.

    She’s an attorney now and when I call her at work and we talk for a while, sometimes she’ll say, “I have to go. You’re putting me to sleep.” It still makes me feel good to hear that. Funny thing is that I don’t think of my voice as soothing at all. Every once in a while, I hear myself on tape and I just cringe. Heh.

  7. sometimes, when i was a kid and my mom was vacuuming, i’d make a humming sound out loud that made my head vibrate and i think i could channel the vacuum. i miss that. i’ve tried doing it with other sounds / machines but i haven’t relived the effect of those early days. this message brought to you by the lower case ‘w’.

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