life is like eggnog

add rum, and it gets a lot more interesting. i’ll give you a for-instance, and only this one, ’cause the rest … oh nevermind.

conversation turns to the male/female dynamic. male claims that ‘i’m just a man thing’, more argument follows. sample of dialogue:

he: well excuse me for having a penis
(later) he: my penis doesn’t understand
she: well my vagina doesn’t understand. she’s confused.

should be noted that at several other points during the conversation, people turned to me and said, ‘you’re gonna blog this. you have to.’ i wish i had a better memory but you have to understand i was laughing pretty hard at the time.

you had to be here.

ok, no, it’s better just to show pictures:


14 thoughts on “life is like eggnog

  1. something chris just discovered: if you’re the only one that wears underwear, you’re the only one who gets wedgies.

    much hilarity ensues.

  2. several extra teenagers, that’s it. we’ve had different ones throughout the night, and are now at … (i had to count) three.

    it’s been soooo interesting.

  3. My penis is remarkably wise and understanding. He’s even got the right haircut to be a Buddhist Monk. If only he wasn’t trapped attached to an utter lout.

    Man, I have a hard time believing I just typed that, and an even harder time knowing I shall likely post it.

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