14 thoughts on “mac tanks

  1. I also have a complete Commodore 64 system in mothballs, just in case they become serious collectables. I’m a geek packrat.

  2. hee. fran will be all over that once he sees it.

    my comments are down at the moment, along with many other interactive things on my blog–someone else on my server set up too many mysql connections and now we’re all suffering. ARGH!

    but i wanted to tell you that we’re gonna be at gotham hall this saturday. everyone’s invited. 😀 it is the official blogger clubhouse, ya know. 😉

  3. As a sophomore in college, ten of us student/paraprofessionals shared one of those puppies. It had a 256K start-up disk and another two disks that we kept laying around to store data and projects on. Tee-hee.

    My first real computer of my own was a Mac Performa, purchased by my father as a gift when I was in grad school. He bought it at Monkey Wards for $1800. I think he’s still paying it off. I think I know why I never finished the thesis!

  4. they were actually pretty hot little computers in their day — i had one at one of my last accounting jobs, and i adored that little thing.

    it had a system sound randomizer that i had set up to make the coolest sounds, among which were ‘monkey’, and ‘orgasm’ (yes, my computer would occasionally randomly blurt out oohhhh ooh! yes! yes!).

    that was fun.

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