oh, and it’s monday too

so i get here to work, and the time card reader thingy is conspicuously absent from the wall. i mean, there’s just a metal plate and the cord hanging. conspicuous. so i go to the lady who does the payroll and i say, ‘the time clock is missing’ and with a perfectly straight face she says, ‘it was there this morning’. and suddenly my sanity is in question here. i go back to the time-clock area and yes, it is indeed not there.

but there was a good moment of doubt there. anyway, that cheered me up quite a bit believe it or not, it’s always good to get a nice, relieved, ‘i’m not that crazy’ giggle.

because i woke up this morning after another particularly bad bout of sleep, and wondered if i’d ever be able to sleep through a whole night at once again, or if that part of my life’s over. and i woke up to the fact that the only pants i had to wear were those i purchased during saturday’s adventures (un-blogged about, but certainly disseminated by phone, y’know?) anyway, in that lovely ‘i had foster’s for breakfast’ state of being, it seemed the thing to do to buy pants a size too small because the last pants i bought that fit in the store tend to get so baggy during the course of wearing them, that i have to hike them up all the time.

fine. except i’m really not a size fourteen. and i’m wearing that size, and i’m sitting down. i’m not very happy about that.

8 thoughts on “oh, and it’s monday too

  1. *groan* and then i was tempted by the offer of fish and chips. and i ate them. and now i’m even more miserable.

    but i’m breaking in the pants nicely, or maybe they’re breaking in me? hard to say.

  2. the fish was excellent, but the malt vinegar was restaurant-packaged — and, all i can say right now is that coming home and getting out of those pants was like stopping hitting myself in the head with a hammer. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  3. Fosters for breakfast is excellent. People think that the right time to get a good buzz on is at night, well I disagree entirely. To be silly in the morning is a wonderful experience that all should have.

    To drunkenly greet the rising sun with a smile is to open up a whole new world of wonder!

  4. Oh, that’s no fun. About the pants. I have two pair of pants that are exactly the same, except one has been accidentally dried in the dryer once. So you can’t really tell it by looking at them, but the dried pair is too small now (still wearable, but uncomfortable), and the un-dried ones are just right. I put on the dried ones this morning, and I was stuck with them, as tonight is my laundry night. 5PM can not come soon enough.

  5. LoL … Oh, how many times have I done the same thing? And nothing makes life more uncomfortable than tight-fitting clothes!

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