one of the many reasons to adore the ezrael

Admittedly, this can be taken too far: one only has to think of those very CIA attempts on Castro’s life that led Gerald Ford to create the Assassination Ban in the first place. Perhaps he wasn’t so much forbidding the US from engaging in assassination as he was banning the CIA from it because they were getting overly sophisticated. I mean, how many times does someone create an elaborate plan to electrocute Castro via a shock device hidden in a woman’s vagina or attempt to dose him with LSD via his scuba mouthpiece before you have to step in and remind them that bullets are perfectly effective?
So, are we set on the mission?
Sure thing, sir. We have the helium tanks all set up to flood his room, and we think we can get the white three fingered gloves and short pants into position shortly. It’s going to be tough to get the head on him, but the epoxy should bond relatively soon and…
Wait, wait a minute. What the hell are you talking about?
Operation: Not Donald nor Goofy, sir.
Jesus, did it ever occur to you people to just shoot him?
Beg pardon, sir?
You know, shoot him? With a gun? Cause a bullet to destroy the soft tissues of his body as it tunnels through him after leaving the barrel of the gun at high speeds due to a chemical reaction?
Hmm. Do you think we could use these ‘bullets’ to deliver a dose of LSD that will make him desire to eat cheese and giggle inappropriately?

other than that, you should just go read his his site. regularly.

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