ordering pizza online and other geekyness

god, i love papa johns. nifty user interface, including the ability to build your pizza by halves, so much more convenient and easy than trying to order food when you don’t have the menu or current specials in front of you. they even have all the little extras listed. and you know they got your order right.

in other tech news tonight, i’m not having a good time with my scanner. the old win2K box says, ‘i won’t speak with that scanner. *arrogant sniff* it is much too old. perhaps your cheap ass should just go buy a new one’. linux, always the cooperative one, says, ‘oh sure you can have that scanner! i like cheap old scanners! but i won’t recognize the parallel ports of a newbie like you. go and learn, my child.’ and the page that covers this particular configuration of the not so aptly named sane, is enough to make me anything but. i’ve included it in the more text, for no reason whatsoever, because i have no clue what it means.

The backend only works with the parallel port mode set ot EPP or ECP/EPP. But not in PS/2 or SPP mode. UMAX support site recommends that the port should be set to EPP 1.7 . So check it in your BIOS settings.

You may keep ECP+EPP in BIOS only if you have ppdev installed. ‘ppdev’ is a stock kernel feature for 2.4, but 2.2 needs a patch. Kernels prior to 2.4.5 don’t have the PP_FAST_READ flag, which leads to very poor tranfer rates when scanning at 600 or 1200 dpi. For maximum performance, you might consider using a 2.4.5 or higher kernel.

You have to the know address of you parallel port. If you don’t know it, you should look into system messages with ‘dmesg’, you’ll have lines such as:
parport0: PC-style at 0x378, irq 7 [PCSPP,TRISTATE,EPP]
parport0: cpp_mux: aa55f00f52ad51(86)
parport0: Found 4 daisy-chained devices
lp0: using parport0 (interrupt-driven).

Or you look into ‘/proc/parport/0/hardware’ (linux 2.2) :
base: 0x378
irq: 7
dma: 3
modes: SPP,PS2,EPP

With linux 2.4 you’ll have to look into: /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/base-addr
user:/proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0>cat base-addr
888 1912
Then turn the first number into hexadecimal (888 => 0x378)

You can now change the entry ‘port 0x378’ to match your port address, in umax_pp.conf which has been installed in ‘/usr/local/etc/sane.d/’ (well, in standard install).

If you plan to use ppdev character device an not direct hardware access, you’ll have to change the ‘port’ parameter to ‘port /dev/parport0’ if the scanner is attached to the first parallel port.

17 thoughts on “ordering pizza online and other geekyness

  1. i’ve never used sane as i’ve never had a scanner that was supported under linux. freshmeat.net used to have listings of several sane config tools. it might be worth a look. good luck too you!

  2. Ordering pizza online is perhaps the pinnacle of geekiness! COOL! The only thing better would’ve been to order the pizza online via internet-enabled cellphone or from a laptop at a pirated Wireless Access Point.

    We have a service called SimonDelivers.com here in Minneapolis that allows you to order groceries online and have them delivered when you will be available. It’s pretty cool, but I just used the service once to be able to say that I used it and thereby impress others with my geekiness and early-adopterness and nerdiness.

  3. i also love the papa johns. we don’t have one here in NY, but used to order from them (online!) all the time in Denver. i kinda miss Denver.


  4. You lost me at the word *port*. Sorry. 🙁 Wish I could help. And yes, I know I’m behind on my reading. My aunt goes home tomorrow. Life returns to normal. Well, what passes for normal around here.

  5. “Then turn the first number into hexadecimal (888 => 0x378)”

    Oh, sure. Everyone knows how to do that. (I do see that you added the “strike” button up there, however…I’m not a total loss).

  6. i tried adding even more buttons — curly quotes, > and < — but the damn things didn’t work. also i was going to have a thing that looked up words highlited in the dictionary.

    just not that geeky.

  7. Anyone remember that scene in The Net? When Sandra Bullock was doing everything but making yellow snow with a computer? I sighed back then, and every time another mundane act becomes common on the internet, I get all mushy. Yay.

    It’s a shame I don’t really like Papa John’s….

  8. hey, i’m not crazy about the pizza. but the interface … makes the pizza worthwhile. there’s just something about going there, selecting ‘work’ or ‘home’ and having it know where, and putting together my order… i guess i’m more of a geek than a pizza connoisseur. i love my good pizza, but …

  9. I haven’t ordered online yet. I’ve thought about it many, many times, but still haven’t. It’s such a convenience, though. And you don’t have to deal with the half-deaf person on the other end of the phone who, I swear, almost always screws up my order!!

  10. “selecting ‘work’ or ‘home’ and having it know where”

    I know I’m paranoid, but that’s where my privacy nerves get tweaked. Kinda like the old story about JFK’s father, who got out of the stock market in 1929 pre-crash when the shoeshine boy started tipping stocks. When the pizza folks know where you’re ordering from, who else does?

  11. welllll, pretty much any online retailer i’ve bought from has that information. it’s the price we pay for the convenience of delivery, i suppose.

  12. <sigh>… No Papa John’s in my area at all!

    On the other hand:

    Ignore all the geekery in that documentation…

    The first block of text: Presuming you have anywhere near a normal PC, your parallel port is already sitting at 378. Boot the machine; hit the BIOS and set LPT1 to EPP if it’s not in that setting already (and presuming you don’t have some whizbang printer that has to have the on of the other settings to operate).

    The second block of text is just telling you how to find out what address your printer port is at; we’ve already dealt with that. …or not, but then you can geek out playing with the Linux probe tools. …some other day!

    The third block tells you to take a look at the umax_pp.conf file and change your entry to match your findings. …but since we’re presuming (yeah, I know ) your LPT1 (same as lp0 for Unix/Linux) is already sitting at 378, you’re just confirming that. …and presuming direct hardware access.

    As I recall you are working with the 2.2 kernal…

    You still will need one of the front ends to be able to do anything, but they rely on something like Sane to handle the twiddly bits.

    I’d love to get more specific, but Tux is down at the moment pending his move to the kitchen…

  13. Well, and basically any time you use a credit card, couldn’t your purchases be tracked down?

    Not at Best Buy, they keep those purchases in the freaking computer. I think they do at Target, too. So, pay cash for any offending materials. Hmmmm.

  14. Target: all purchases paid for with a credit card or check! Shelley had quite an eye-opener when they told her it was okay about her not having her receipt on a return when they just looked her last series of purchases up in the customer service computer…

  15. now that’s trippy. and they say using those ‘store club cards’ is bad because they track your purchases, but they track them without them too!


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