reasons for love

i’m going to set aside my meme-avoidance for this one: reasons for love. and i do have my reasons.

i spend a lot of time feeling like i’m just bursting with love for my kids, so here are some reasons i love my kurtwood … aside from the fact that he’s smart, talented, and funny, he’s also absolutely full of hugs lately. and i’m also very fortunate that my daughter, who’s almost twenty, is still full of hugs. i just have huggy kids. and i just love that.

3 thoughts on “reasons for love

  1. only bright spot in my otherwise bad-moody day.

    i promise to be better at this next week. i have lots of things to say about my kids, the’re amazing people.

  2. this seems like an appropriate place to say: i love you! i’m typing this from my brand new red hat 8.0 linux os computer. it’s fabulous, and i’m so happy and excited and it’s all your fault! thank you so much!!! *hug!*

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