recommended tv for the evening

watching the muppets christmas special, which is a modern, puppet-populated movie paying homage to ‘it’s a wonderful life’, among others — in which david arquette, a cubicle-type angel, dares to go straight to the supreme being (played by whoopi goldberg, who lives in a paradise where the shrubs give coffee) to present the case of kermit, who’s being foreclosed on by the very evil bank manager’s widow (joan cusack, brilliant). there is a pause in the presentation of the case, during which god/whoopi is unconvinced. he urges her to watch some more, at which point she says ‘you’re just lucky spongebob isn’t on’.

it’s on right now. all-star cast, funny as hell, and muppets. highly recommended.

11 thoughts on “recommended tv for the evening

  1. sounds better than the lame flintstones xmas movie i just watched. sixties flintstones was good, but this was some ‘modern’ crap and the voices didn’t even match. which reminds me how awful the late tom and jerry years were, you know, after chuck jones took over. i have no idea why i’m going on like this.

  2. The muppets rock… always did!

    *Just waiting for Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” to come on the radio…. it’s just not Christmas until I hear that song.*

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