kid: (with look of alarm, seeing dark red colored stuff dripping down my neck): mommy?!? wha…
me: i’m making my hair a different color
kid: why?
me: because i like red
kid: (brightening, as this is his favorite color) oh! that’s my favorite color. what’s your favorite color?
me: beige
kid: why don’t you make it beige?
me: um …

you know, i really did consider blonde this time, but i spent age 15-30 being blonde, and hating the whole roots all the time thing, and besides, the reds these days are so very interesting. herbal essences ruby something (it was on sale at vons).

after this, i’m going to brunch with my daughter, and her friend’s mom who’s an old friend of mine too, not a talking on the phone kind of friend, just a fellow mom i’ve known for a decade or so, and there will be all you can drink cheap champagne. things might get drunk around here in a bit. and yes there will be pictures.

* * *
later – kid comes into room in ratty, old “born to be wild … california” tshirt and a pair of sweats with a hole in the knee.

me: you’re not wearing that
kid: why?
me: becuse it’s stained and unraveling and has holes in it.
me: you have cute clothes, and you’re going to wear them.
kid: oh man. this is going to be the worst day of my life.

should be noted i also told him there would be no food fight this time. sigh.

10 thoughts on “red

  1. Red! Red!
    Gimme’ that expensive spread..

    What a visual, kd with her red ‘do cruisin’ up the coast highway listenin’ to Hagar…

    Ah, Sundays in California!

  2. what you mean no food fights. That ain’t fair! *pout* 😉

    I’ve tried going red, exept that I am too chicken to go all the way and will generally choose a color that is a shade darker then my hair with just a tinge of readich highlights. One day though, I swear I am going to go full out! 🙂

  3. my hair is now mad ruby red. and i lost the pictures of the hair. sigh.

    i can get more pictures of the hair, and i shall. in a while.

  4. our 4 year old has no fashion sense whatsoever! i try hard to appreciate her taste, but it’s hard. they do not like to be told what to wear at this age, do they? can’t blame em, i like my sweats, too!

    drink a glass or two for me!

  5. I’m all over the reds, too. Right now, my hair is just streaked in a deep red though, over the brown. It’s an interesting and subtle effect. It will probably last another two weeks before I get the itch to change.

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