12 thoughts on “rick freaking james?

  1. I love Rick James and the Stone City Band (that lone white boy playing the guitar is my personal hero, though I have no idea what his name is.)

    Kurtwood is definitely one up on all the so called “cool kids”. I was tuning up for a school show I was volunteering for, and I start doing “Superfreak” on the bass… and all the kids start singing. “Can’t touch this”.

    No clue who Rick James is, but they remember MC Hammer….
    Our nation is doomed.

  2. The kid’s favorite group at Kurt’s age was They Might Be Giants, so I think he’ll give Kurt a run for the coolness title. I think it’s a toss-up.

    Did he do a little shimmy with it?

  3. oh that is too funny!!
    at least he doesn’t wander around singing Nationwide commercials like my 6 year old nephew does… haha

    **Nationwide is on your siiiiide!**

  4. shimmy? yes, he’s a shimmying kind of kid. then he came in the living room and was dancing with himself in the mirror. it was cute, really.

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