soft driven slow mad like some new language

post titles: such fun.

also, pictures are fun. this is looking up through an aquarium coffee table:

this is the sign that always makes my mind go all road-trip:

and this makes me want a job delivering pizza:

edited to add: a model of my teeth, with the bare crown post, in a red ashtray i got at a garage sale today, and a picture of some lights through same ashtray. i love those ashtrays.

15 thoughts on “soft driven slow mad like some new language

  1. Thank you for the photo of the 101 north sign pointing the way home. I’ve printed it out and tacked it above my desk. Someday I’ll pass under that sign again.

  2. The aquarium coffee table picture is what the world looks like when a person mistakenly drinks ALL of the cold medicine! Everything gets all shrinkwrapped-looking and plasticy and strange.

    You have some wild pizza delivery services out there, all we have are Dominos drivers in Geo Metros.

    Why do you have a model of your teeth?

  3. Are you now using Commander Taco’s Poem generator to generate stream-of-unconciousness type post titles? The scary thing is that the random word jumbles make sense to me…

  4. this one’s a doors lyric. i heard it in the car today and thought — ooh! a post title right there! and so it is.

    i have a model of my teeth ’cause they take one to make crowns. the post thing is from my root canal, it now has a new fake tooth forever glued to it.

    i did have the temporary crown but i dropped it in the parking lot and lost it. would have been cooler that way.

    i am a pack rat have i mentioned that?

  5. so i googled just to make sure — the line should be “soft driven slow and mad like some new language” — but google asked me, Did you mean: soft drive slow mad like some new language? silly google.

  6. nothing, nothing at all, they’re just not hot-looking souped-up shiny red trucks with custom license plates and lit-up telephone shaped signage on the roof.

  7. i rather appreciate MT with the image::magick at work, making the auto-thumbnails. add a ‘photos’ category and it’s like a built-in gallery thingy.

    integrated photologs were the top requested feature for future versions of MT. we all like our digicams.

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