someday i’ll tell you what i just did

but only after it’s fixed. suffice to say that if anything is wonky anywhere on the internet, you may blame me. it is probably my fault.

and might i add, that the phrase ‘scared the shit out of me’ — isn’t just a figure of speech.

i know, i know, TMI.

it should *never* be that easy to delete stuff. *ever*.

also: sitting staring at the email indicator apparently doesn’t make tech support emails come in any faster.

27 thoughts on “someday i’ll tell you what i just did

  1. And you know…we’re all gonna have to know. 😉

    I’ve tried the awe-inspiring POWERS OF MY MIND on tech support, and yet, even that doesn’t make them go faster. I think they’re immune or something. Whatever it is, good luck!

  2. i can’t complain about my tech support — they are fast. it’s just that when you think you might have just deleted … some stuff, and you need it … undeleted, 10 minutes can seem like forever and seven.

  3. Monitoring it may not help, but I’ve found that incessantly pushing the “send/receive” button definitely gives me something to do while I wait… Good luck!

  4. um. i deleted some usernames because i had to reset passwords, and i accidentally clicked the box that said “remove directory and files too”.

    either that function was broken, or, some other miracle occurred. my hosting co. got out the backups, but, the files never ended up going anywhere to begin with.

    the sensation of realizing i’d clicked that box, i cannot describe. intense.

    excuses: i’d never used that function before and ordinarily it *would* be to remove someone whose files could go too — and they should have one of those “do you really want to delete” intermediary functions on a command that powerful. also i was distracted by swarms of geeks in my office.

  5. Wow. It would so go along with my assertion that I’m a fictional character to be deleted by you, kd. That would have been a fitting way to end my blogging habit.


  6. there was never really any danger of permanent deletion. i was on it with my hosting *this* quick, and they have wonderful, thrice-daily backups. the most that could have been lost was a couple hours, but as it was, there wasn’t even a glitch.

  7. Sure was a close call. There should always be an “are you sure” thing pop up for you, for a such a powerful command! Hope all is well…

  8. Glad all is well. The closest I can come to that feeling is the car door shutting right when you realize the keys are still in the ignition. Ugh. Been there, done that. I like the litle tile-ey look on the sidebar. Pretty.

  9. it’s actually a big blue building that i took a picture of, and kinda faded out — and thanks!

    i was actually just thinking about that feeling — it’s quite like shutting your car door with your keys in it, but i’d go it one further — it was more like shutting your car door with your finger in it. horrible, horrible feeling. i’ve done it.

  10. I did something *like* that once… sort of. The server admin has told me repeatedly “don’t telnet in and mess around with stuff”. Yeah, but I can, so I do. I was in a telnet session about a month ago when a big router in Reston VA blowing a gasket – at the same exact moment I restarted apache (after I confirmed a change in the conf file). Woo. Scary. An large chunk of the east coast Internet disappeared briefly. This was immediately followed by a panic-stricken phone call to my husband, “Oh noooooo! I broke the Internet! I broke the Internet!” I hold my breath when I telnet now. hehehe.

  11. The night before my boss was due to demonstrate a piece of equipment to one of his friends I took off the front panel to use elsewhere. After re-connecting it I switched it on just to check it. I had mis-aligned one of the connectors and shorted together the 5v and earth lines, blowing just about everything in sight. He wasn’t pleased.

  12. That’s a strange feeling, the feeling you get when you do something that you realize you really really really should not have done. It’s almost like a lightness, a wispyness…

  13. with this one, it was like i was on fire, i must have turned beet red, i did feel dizzy, and my, er, digestive tract clenched up.

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