sound of drowning

so i was sitting here setting fire to a lighter with fuel in it with another lighter that had a spark in it to light a cigarette i don’t need to go with an equally unnecessary beer, and feeling like why the fuck am i up at this hour? could it be three/four days with good sick-sleep? yeah. i’m just too healthy and well-rested for my own damn good right now.

… all my energy is spent again
but i can’t remember where or when
so i crawl back where i should have been
to tell the truth it’s more than energy that’s being spent …
shoulda gave it away …

i had a buncha things to say but i forget them now. it’ll come. does anyone ever want to be wide wide awake at 4:whatever a.m.? and why? this would rock if life didn not await me, hungry for responsibility, at a deadline of noon.

oh well.

… should have my head adjusted
i simply can’t be trusted
shoulda gave it away …

(there are lyrics interspersed here, the mp3 will be in more when and if i find the thing and get it all linky’d up. it’s called sound of drowning. go figure.)

damn. i had something to say, other than just outing myself for being up till near dawn. i did. honest.

well, i love you all. peace be with you, always.

sound of drowning — by pinching judy

7 thoughts on “sound of drowning

  1. OMG!!!! KD IS DYING!!!!!
    I never had a chance to tell her I loved her….
    *SOB* *sniffle* *snot dribble that I missed in the last blowing*

  2. Gawd, that sounds like every day to me…
    Wee hours of the night is the only time I can have for myself and get things done. The alarm clock is my cue to lay down before they all get up.

    And I still don’t leave “I love you all” messages.

    Come on, you’re dying. Nobody else is reading this, you can tell me.

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