southern californians suck at driving in the rain

according to this, there have been 16 accidents in the Ventura area since 9 AM. (you have to select Ventura in the pulldown). it refreshes every sixty seconds, with new incidents of idiocy.

under ‘traffic hazards’, we have a bridge closure (incident 0208) — the santa clara river bridge, which is highway 101 crossing the river. because not only can’t we drive in the rain, we also don’t build roads that can handle it. 1.97 inches of rain since midnight and we’re in road closure/bridge collapse mode. sheesh.

3 thoughts on “southern californians suck at driving in the rain

  1. californians are total fucktards about rain. everyone gets lulled with a false sense of dryness because we go so long between rains. el ni´┐Żo is the great equalizer. it reminds us that we do get rain, that we aren’t immortal, and that people need to pay attention! damn….sorry. this has been brewing all day.

  2. oh AMEN sistah! preach it! i have been watching the CHP thingy all day, and (i live two blocks from a major trauma center) hearing the helicopters from the first few splatters of rain. it’s like the idjits don’t have any clue that wet = slippery. hello? i’ll speak it in your native tongue, you dimwits: omg, we should, like, totally slow down! grr. makes me scared to go outside.

  3. Hey, you aren’t alone. We had a 42-car pileup the other day going Diamond Head (that’s east, into the sun) at the major merge between two of our three freeways. Reasons given included sunlight on wet highway (actually, that’s fair; I’ve driven that stretch a lot, and when it rains and the angle of the sun is just right, it is really hard to see).

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