stuff in the snifter, and the beach

this is what i found when i got home yesterday evening (it’s homemade gooze, in the infamous brandy snifter. more of that later.)

here is my son at the beach, there are more beach pictures in more, remember there was much drinking on the part of the person holding the camera. much lens-flareage ensued:


9 thoughts on “stuff in the snifter, and the beach

  1. gooze. well, this is homemade gooze, or rather school-made. it’s not edible, it’s slippery and reshape-able, and stretchy. it’s like a …. it’s fun.

    and yeah, my kids are into the beach too, the old one with the tattoo, and the little one both. me too, actually.

  2. I actually kinda like the lens flares. I’m not sure why.

    Ah…gooze! I can’t remember what Aaron called it, but that’s certainly what it was–fun. 😀

  3. Wow the beach looks like fun right now. For a second there I thought you had a tattoo that you weren’t telling anybody about.

    Lens flares rock. There are even Photoshop plug-ins that let you add them. Of course, they don’t look as good as just pointing the camera into the sun.

  4. i have the sobe lizards on my left shoulder (i liked the yin/yang lizardiness of them). my daughter got hers first, hers was a 15th birthday present from me, and mine was a gift from her, years later when she was working at kinko’s and she helped a tattoo artist out with some color copies so he said he’d give her a tat so she gave it to me.


  5. Oooh, homemade gooze. It’s been a while since I’ve made some. I think I’ will have to make some again… I love that stuff.

    Your pictures are beatuiful, drinking or no drinking. Those beach pictures are fabulous. They look like a memory, instead of a photo – if that makes sense.

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