thanksgiving morning

it’s eight thrity and i’ve already done dishes. chris is at the grocery store, because he forgot onions and celery and whipped cream and stuff. gosh i’m awfully thankful grocery stores stay open a bit on thanksgiving day, even though i feel bad to be among the reasons they feel they should do that.

the thing in my life i’m most thankful for is my kids, who are just the most amazing people. and for chris, who’s a really good father, and chris’s family, for being understanding and supportive – these are the cornerstones of my life, which is good.

i’m thankful to have so many good friends, who are mainly blogger friends, and for the internet, without which i would be still wondering how it is exactly that you meet good people that you’d like to be friends with.

i’m thankful for my job, which involves playing with the internet, and working with some really nice clients, in an atmosphere of great geekery. i am thankful for geekery in general.

i am thankful for music and books and yes, even the TV — i am thankful for spongebob and nickelodeon in general, and for the fact i don’t have to be that much of a grownup if i don’t want to. i am thankful for my cute little lived-in house in the suburbs, and for ventura in general.

i’m thankful for google and movable type and linux and mozilla and telocity enhanced DSL. i’m thankful for haircolor and stretch denim and bubble baths and eyebrow pencil and fragrant lotions.

i’m thankful. i’m thankful for a lot more than this. i’m also a little distracted, and i have a bit of a sad story this morning, and i’m putting it in more, so if you don’t want to be made sad, you don’t have to.

chris comes home from getting more t-day supplies, sits down, and says, “remember richie serrano? guy who worked at the car wash since he was out of high school, in the 60’s? yesterday i was on my to get supplies and i saw him walking down thompson, he waved, i waved back, and i thought, maybe i should pick him up, but i didn’t. well later in the day i hear my boss calling the hospital — someone found richie disoriented at the mall and called an ambulance for him. the hospital wouldn’t give much information, but they did say it didn’t seem too grave.”

“and this morning i go by the car wash, and there’s a sign in the window, in loving memory …”

“i should have picked him up”

so we’re a little sad and disoriented at the moment. he’s cooking, i’m about to go help chop stuff. i’m fairly good at that.

11 thoughts on “thanksgiving morning

  1. sorry for your saddness, kd….
    tell chris not to do the “what ifs” all day. what’s done is done.

    on a lighter note- stretch in denim is very good!

  2. Nice list. I looked at the posts later, and it looks like you had a great time. I’m glad. And your daughter (and her friends) are foxes 🙂 Well Thanksgiving is gone, so enjoy the weekend. At a loss for stuff to do? Fix the Linux Box and blog!!

  3. Y’all make me blush. Thanks.

    kd, your not-so-little girl is beautiful. and I loved the turkey hat — I think I want one of those.

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