the beach

i can’t begin to describe the day without the 18 or so pictures that i lost in an unfortunate drinking accidental oopsie let’s clear the memory stick thingy.

friggin’ champagne. suffice to say i got up, dyed my hair dark ruby, and set off on a brunch adventure. this bored the small child no end, and as we were downtown, we decided to beach. i am not making this up when i tell you that there were handsome punk beach guys who let me take their picture, and who knew it would be on the internet. it was a good picture. and then i had too many pictures and i had to clear some out. and blank. blank camera. erased. everything.

i’m off to the other puter to upload the next 18 pictures and see what i can see.

i could not describe this day to you without (a) more pictures and (b) you having been here on the beach in the seventy degree beach weather, all wet and sandy and salty here with me. it would translate into words if i was that good at that sort of thing. i am not.

all i can say is, it’s been one of those peak experiences. and i was ocean-wet up to my waist and covered with sand when i got home, and that fucking rocked.

pictures to follow.

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