there’s got to be a morning after

is there anything better than a big bowl-o-leftovers for breakfast (if something eaten at 10 minutes to noon can be considered breakfast.) (of course it can!)

flashback to the night before: the four of us girls decide to go on a field trip. you know, to a football field. the one in the catholic high school across the fence is left open conveniently for this purpose. the cat followed us. we sat and drank beer and smoked cloves and giggled.


later, the house looked like this. i don’t know why i’m admitting this to you (and yes we’ve had a change of girl personnel in this picture, we had quite the ongoing celebratory thingy):

7 thoughts on “there’s got to be a morning after

  1. Hmmmmmmm I think you get burned at the stake for drinking on a Catholic HS Campus! LOL At least I think that’s what they do to us if we get caught drinking on campus! hehehehe

  2. …too close to:

    There’s got to be a morning after
    If we can hold on through the night
    We have the chance to find the sunshine
    Let’s keep on looking for the light


    Caught up against the war again
    Time to chill in the bar again
    Never seize to amaze in minds
    So I just sleep sleep sleep please don’t
    Wake me till the morning after

    Then again…

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