this is just depressing

i was a very, very early adopter with sprint pcs’s email. so early, in fact, that i have my initials (three of them) as my cell phone email address. i mean, how much does that rock? kdk at sprintpcs. never published this. kept it totally private. not sure what i was saving it for, but it was special.

just cleaned 33 spams out of it. only thing i ever get on it is spam. which is why i just put it out there, so it could theoretically be used for something other than evil. (it might take me awhile to read it, since i have to wade through the spams so i don’t check it every day). but if you ever wanted to email me cellularly, well, there you have it.

One thought on “this is just depressing

  1. I’m a non-early adopter. I don’t even know how to work a cellphone, every time I use my girlfriend’s phone I end up speed-dialing and getting her mother or grandmother on the line, then I have to admit I’m a cellphone idiot.

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