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so, last night, in a fit of whimsy, i was googling around for the lyrics to that punk song that that punk is playing on an enormous boombox when Kirk and Spock are riding the bus in 80’s San Francisco in Star Trek IV? god i love that movie. save the whales! anyway. i was googling too vaguely, as it happens, and i ran into No Kill I: Star Trek Punk Rock Band. they didn’t do that song, but they have a lot of other very, very interesting lyrics, some excerpts follow:

Travellin’ through time
One thing on my mind
Couldn’t kill my labido
With a photon torpedo

and this one, about the poor hapless red-shirted crewmen who you knew were doomed when they got asked along on the away team:

Walk the plank, put your heaad on the block
Too bad you wouldn’t doff your jock
Jilted Gene and pissed off Spock
An open mouth, gagged with a sock.

Got a tunic colored red
See your death playing in my head
See you die on my tv screen
All because you jilted Gene

…anyway, i am greatly amused by the existence of a Star Trek Punk band. greatly.

and it wasn’t till this morning, with my head clear of the BayerPM (which works, incidentally), i realized i should have typed some of the lyrics themsleves in, rather than the more general ‘punk song from star trek 4’, and viola! i find this interview with the actor in that role, one Kirk Thatcher (I could win the Nobel Peace Prize and my grave would still say “Punk On Bus – Star Trek IV”). w00t! i love google.

here is interview. the lyrics are in more, and if i find the mp3, i’ll certainly let you all know …


Lyrics by Kirk R. Thatcher
Music by Mark Mangini

(to be sung Allegro con Temptible)

Just what is the future?
The things we’ve done and said.
Let’s just push the button.
We’d be better off dead!

And I hate you!
and I berate you !
and I can’t wait to get to you…

The sins of all the fathers,
being dumped on us – the sons
The only choice we’re given is:
How many megatons?

So I eschew you!
And I say “SCREW YOU”!
And I hope you’re blue too!

We’re all bloody worthless,
Just greedy human scum,
The numbers all add up
to a negative sum…

And I hate you!
And I hate you!
And I hate you…too!

(Repeat in angry scream ’til hoarse — or blood sprays from throat. Whichever comes first…)

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  1. Ya’ know??? There’s nothing quite like waking up after a long morning’s sleep to find a post like this.

    What a wonderful wakeup!

    Thanks, kd!

  2. there are at least three new quotes — you caught two of them. or are there four new? there are several. i put them up a good week ago, you’re the first to notice 🙂

  3. Okay, here’s the info for those curious about the latest bit of insanity conjured up from the Surreally cauldrons:

    Der Linkmeister dropped a comment at Toxic’s place congratulating her on her anniversary; and in it he mentioned his parents were married in December.

    Now that’s cool, of course; but in the context of the planetary confluence earlier this month that revealed he and I were born on the same day in the same month and in the same year, further exploration seemed warranted, as my parents anniversary also is in December.

    But alas an exact match eluded us; it seems his folks married in 1946 and mine in 1949.

    …but still, with one anniversary on December 22 and the other on December 23, I think we’re still pushing the odds a little <g>!

  4. Diphenhydramine is nasty bad stuff. There is a cult of people who trip on it by taking the whole box. I tried it once out of boredom, took a whole box of Dramamine, and then I was looking at the cover of KISS “Alive” and the record started to warp and twist, and then the television zoooooomed to be twice as wide as it really was, and then I saw sparks shooting out around the edges of my vision.

    Then the fun ended and my limbs felt like they were full of concrete and I fell asleep and I remember the next day it was really hard to park the car between the yellow lines. I felt heavy and weak for days afterwards, and now just the thought of carsick medicine makes me shudder.

  5. Yeah, if there is a theme song for the Surreally domains, that would be it!

    Much more appropriate than, say, Tubular Bells…

  6. BayerPM? i took Excedrin Migrane this am. not sure if it’s working yet- the girls are “doing” legos on the hardwood floor- not. very. quietly. i might add!

  7. owie. i didn’t really have a headache last night, just the usual aches-and-pains of being my age and not taking care of myself better, i just wanted it for the diphenhydramine. and it did get me to go to bed at a fairly reasonable hour (not that chris would agree, since i was on the phone really late and woke him up)

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