veterans day

the veterans history project:

Some of the audio- and video-taped interviews donated to the project were recorded by professional folklorists, but most were conducted by family members, friends, neighbors, students, and other volunteers whose enthusiasm and respect for their subjects outweigh the technical shortcomings that occasionally surface in the recordings. The interviews have taken place in private homes, retirement communities, VFW halls, schools, and libraries. They touch on all aspects of America’s war experiences at home and abroad–from the routine to the extraordinary, from enlistment to discharge. Several clips from the collection are included below as an introduction to the riches that will follow as the Veterans History Project grows and as our resources allow for the collection’s selective digitization.

Vietnam veteran Chuck Bennett served in the Army infantry and is co-author of “Ojai Valley’s Veterans Stories,” to be released next month.

Four of the 33 veterans the authors interviewed for the Ojai Valley book have died in the past year, said Bennett. He wrote the book as a lesson to future generations. “If we do not remember the horror of war, we are bound to repeat it,” Bennett said. “These are disappearing stories.”

3 thoughts on “veterans day

  1. The estimates range from 1500-1800 deaths per day among the veteran population. That’s a lot of first-person history to lose. Thank heaven someday at LOC finally woke up to that realization.

  2. I really admire Veterans.
    I know that in WWI, and WWII most men were proud to serve their country. My Dad wanted to got0 WWII so badly, that he got his doctor to say he didn’t have hypertension so he could get in.
    Now he is gone, and so many like him.
    I really don’t think we will see their kind of soldier in such high numbers ever again..
    Maybe its cynicism with our government, but I don’t see such patriotism in fighting wars anymore.

  3. well, things are a lot muddier than they were back then.

    sometimes i really wish i was born about thirty years earlier. maybe thirty-five. i feel like i just, just missed something.

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