turns out that being moussed makes my hair frizzbomb by the end of the day. pictures of the actual haircut will be delayed until i wash it tomorrow, but for now, picture my old hair minus this:

12 thoughts on “wellll…

  1. save it forever. it’s far, far too chemically damaged to donate to locks of love, and it’s about a kabillion different lengths as well.

    i think of it as a fuzzy pet.

  2. Kd, I think you should auction it off and let the proceeds go to your Sureally fund. If nothing else, the bidding would be HYSTERICAL to watch! You have some pretty devoted fans! 🙂

  3. Yes, do save it, kd. This may sound morbid, but I found a long lock of my mom’s hair just recently, from when she had it cut several years ago. Every bit of ten inches worth. Anyway, you can imagine how much it meant.

  4. Hey KD,
    I’m totally addicted to that Bedhead “headshrink” stuff now. I don’t know if it would make long hair feel gunky, though, since my hair is less than 3 inchs long right now. (I got it cut again after you saw it) That stuff keeps the frizz out of my hair (and my hair is so prone to frizz I think it may actually be in the service of aliens). That stuff is sort of expensive though, there’s a spray leave in conditioner, freeman botanicals instant infusion or something like that, that works really well to and isn’t gunky at all cause it’s just a conditioning mist stuff.

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