we’re all going to … oh never mind

Anil writes wonderfully about shadow government hijinks . and ooh! look! we’re almost right there with the total information awareness thingy too. but don’t worry. it’s ok. everything will be just fine, and if not, well, remember, the universe’s days are numbered. sure, the number is big, but … the sun will have shrunk to a white dwarf, giving little light and even less heat to whatever is left of Earth, and entered a long, lingering death that could last 100 trillion years—or a thousand times longer than the cosmos has existed to date. The same will happen to most other stars, although a few will end their lives as blazing supernovas. Finally, though, all that will be left in the cosmos will be black holes, the burnt-out cinders of stars and the dead husks of planets. The universe will be cold and black.

so you know, perspective and stuff.

i’ve been involved in any number of bizarre mood shift incidents today, haven’t i?

* * *
send free faxes to your legislators about that ugly homeland security bill, will you please? (via rawr)

6 thoughts on “we’re all going to … oh never mind

  1. ok, something freaky is going on! you are the fourth person (myself included) that complained of some type of mood swift or swing….it’s the freakin weather- i know it!

  2. It’s the weather. Normally, I don’t believe a lot of what I hear on the news….but, THIS I believe. We get these funky Santa Ana moods that rise and fall with the barometer. I’ve been ON EDGE all day. Bouncy. Down. Crazed. Mellow. But, still….with that undercurrent of edginess. Let’s blame it on the weather, the not-so-full moon, and the meteor showers!

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