where was i?

shopping for a new url. a nice short one. do you suppose hooha.us would be good? i could have that. does anyone do the .us yet? i would like to. tired of this one.

change is in my mind. but what’s change? and what good does it do me, jack in the box probably wouldn’t take the many penny rolls that occupy the old fanny pack on the floor of my car, if i wanted, say, tacos. which i often want. the quarters in the cupholders do fine usually, although they are sticky.

i’ve been drinking, does it show? also watching austin powers, which is good for the soul.

silliness is good. life is ok.

16 thoughts on “where was i?

  1. kdk.us is taken, according to godaddy.

    i would change becuase blog is — well, it’s blog. i don’t necessarily blog, i more journal than blog.

    and plus if i change URLs i get up there on blogdex. you know. attention.

    hooha.us. it’s on sale even.

  2. Y’know, I have writing to do tonight. Liqour sounds like a good muse.

    I’m going to go get some. A little Skyy Blue all around? Maybe something harder?

  3. i just bought hooha.us. let’s celebrate.

    skyy blue sounds lovely. let’s go. me? foster’s. and feelin’ festive, since seeing mike meyers slay the fembots on TV is utterly totally festive. way festive.

    let’s fest! or, more accurately, let’s shag, baby!

  4. Drink a couple for me. Wah. I’m in a whiny mood tonight.

    I’ll be over here with my coffee. Decaf, even, which is a venial sin, but I can buy the indulgences for it, I think.

  5. HOOHA! We don’t have Jack in the Boxes here (or Carl’s Jr either). I think I was in a Jack in the Box somewhere around Santa Monica once. The only fast food tacos we have are Taco Hell I mean Taco bell, and Taco Johns.

  6. hooha is a terrific URL, and I’m tickled that you got it!! 😀 Now, if the bastard with booya.com would just let it go, I could have my dream URL and we’d all be happy. rofl

  7. I love super tacos…
    and I have not even thought of Carls in about 10 years…

    they used to have the best fries….

    I miss the box.

  8. no, no cool really-short kd’s available — anything that short, would be long gone.

    i’m not committed to hooha.us, there are several steps to switch things out, and i have only taken like one of them so far.

  9. Yes, your domain bug is catching. I’m now the proud owner of krix.org.
    Not sure what I’m going to do with it, right now I’m just going to point it at my blog. (which doesn’t seem to be working just yet)
    Like I told you on the phone…it was available, how could I not get it?

  10. i’m drooling over the whole four letter domain thing, you know. there is no way in hell that you could have *not* got that domain.

    i love domains.

  11. Gosh. I realize that most of my domain names are long (fried-spaghetti.com, groovy-mom.com, say-say.com…) I guess say-say is shorter.)

    Well, anyway, I’m babbling.

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