for awhile i thought it was going to be just us three. had to ask the daughter-person three times. the first time, she complained that all the tables in the house have computers on them, and people have to eat sitting around the house. i had to think about that — but in general every family eating situation we’ve been to recently, has involved tables being used for food service and people eating around the house. excuse denied. asked her again, and she said, “i don’t know. i might just sit around the house by myself”. teenagers. i can say that because she will be one for another three weeks or so.

called her this morning and that mood had lifted, and so we get to have not just one daughter, but two! edie is not mine specifically, but i’ve known her long enough that she’s like an extra daughter to me.

and we’ll stop on the way here to pick up green beans for that green bean casserole — how could we have forgotten that? and other goodies, because she wants to make stuff.

i’ll be posting pictures as the day goes on.

4 thoughts on “yay!

  1. oh, i will.

    and — i’ve made tables! well, you know, i’ve improvised to the extent that even with the big dining room table full of computer stuff, everyonw will have something soft to sit on and a tableclothed surface off of which to eat.

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