yes, i have pictures

yesterday, kurt and daddy went a-fishin’ on the pier. while there, chris got a good one of kurt using the kurtcam to take a picture of a fish:

earlier in the weekend, i cleaned. the first one i call, still life with mess, even though it was taken after a massive organizing campaign on my part, and the second, is some mold i found flourishing in a pok�mon glass of former juice:
chris’s comment on finding the juice glass on the dryer: ‘most people clean mold. you take pictures of it’. um. yeah. what’s your point? 🙂

7 thoughts on “yes, i have pictures

  1. which i’m allergic to! hence, it’s much safer for me to photograph mold than to, say, do the dishes.

    ooh, i like the way you think, Mr. Linkmeister.

  2. i really kind of wanted to let it sit in the sun for awhile longer to see what else developed. also to get better batteries for my camera, which refuses to go into macro mode (because the little screen takes up so much juice).

    bargain store batteries aren’t bargains. they suck.

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