you move me, you move me

so. i had this craving, for a song whose name escaped me. google being the amazing thing google always is, a few lyrical snippets and i had the lyrics to ‘analog kid’. and then i needed the song. well. it’s not that easy ferreting out unprotected /index mp3 directories for rush songs, there are just so many. but during my googling, i realized i own the cd. it’s on different stages, which i have … around here somewhere. my cds are quite disorganized, being i generally tend to go digging for them when i’m a-drinkin’, and that’s never an organized time for me. so i found CD1 and CD3 of the set. and guess what? argh. no CD2.

gave it some time, regrouped, revisited the CD piles, and viola! i’m now listening to this song (and i’m not even drunk).

big saturday night on the internet. it’s kinda lonely here, one might picture tumbleweeds blowing along the wires. what, is it some kinda holiday weekend thingy?

analog kid

Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

A hot and windy August afternoon
Has the trees in constant motion
With a flash of silver leaves
As they’re rocking in the breeze

The boy lies in the grass with one blade
Stuck between his teeth
A vague sensation quickens
In his young and restless heart
And a bright and nameless vision
Has him longing to depart

You move me —
You move me —
With your buildings and your eyes
Autumn woods and winter skies
You move me —
You move me —
Open sea and city lights
Busy streets and dizzy heights
You call me —
You call me —

The fawn-eyed girl with sun-browned legs
Dances on the edge of his dream
And her voice rings in his ears
Like the music of the spheres

The boy lies in the grass, unmoving
Staring at the sky
His mother starts to call him
As a hawk goes soaring by
The boy pulls down his baseball cap
And covers up his eyes

Too many hands on my time
Too many feelings —
Too many things on my mind
When I leave I don’t know
What I’m hoping to find
When I leave I don’t know
What I’m leaving behind…

9 thoughts on “you move me, you move me

  1. we rented it! but that was while my car on its last legs (tires?) and i were out moving the daughter to a new place on this sudden impulse i-gotta-move thingy.

    will try to watch tomorrow. also we have MIB II which i also didn’t get to see 🙁

  2. cool! the girls laughed a lot and i even got teary-eyed. ok, so that’s nothing unusual, but i think you’ll like it! let me know.

    sorry about your car. 🙁

  3. Hey, he wasn’t anywhere near the area!

    …and then he had one of those kitty spaz attacks all over the area I had the lights laid out in!

    Today? No sign of him until I was nearly done. …and then I found him curled up with Mary and Joseph watching baby Jesus.

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