9 thoughts on “you were in my dreams, you were driving circles around me

  1. Don’t forget about her music videos on the 4AD website. And nary a hand shall be laid upon you, for KH is delightfully addictive. You should see my collection. Chile…

  2. omg. i have now viewed the videos, singing along. i am now hopelessly in love with Kristin Hersh. are you happy, Tanya and Jhames? are you?

    i know i am.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the beach. I’m going to go and hit my head against the wall now because it is 24 degrees with a biting wind here in flyoverland.

  4. Gah. One of my favorite songs of all time, that one: it gets under your skin and wriggles around until it finds your bones; then it gets right into your marrow and hums.

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