a public thanking

thanks to D, who sent books — Fight Club, and Jung’s Undiscovered Self. excellent. most excellent. and speaking of D, his lovely significant other, Ann Elizabeth, has a very funny list of things to do when you are home sick with a cold.

see, i was going to do a retrospective thingy, then i was just going to do a little feature of really cute blogging couples, then … i decided to just go with the one for now. it’s been a TMJ day, which happens when i do too much molar-grinding, which happens when the boss and his buddies sit there grunting and chortling over repeated viewings of a military video of a compound in afghanistan being bombed.

on the bright side of that, it’s nice when things happen that make me glad i’m only going to be working here ten more days. woo! sigh.

29 thoughts on “a public thanking

  1. yes, the movie is based on the book, and D had mentioned it (as people all over the web mention it, all the time) and i confessed to him that i have never seen the movie. i felt rather culturally remiss in not being familiar with something that people seem to be able to quote from memory, and now, i can remedy that!

  2. Happy New Year KD! Much happiness, and wonderful adventure, all that your heart desires. This is my wish for you! *squishy hug* 😉

  3. I think I would have prefered a spanking… but then you’d have asked if I was okay. Teehee

    You’re more than welcome kd, and Happy New Year to you!

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