a room with a moose

so i brought the Zim VCDs to work, where there are better geeks. we have determined that WinDVD 4 installed on a computer with an actual DVD player, plays the VCDs perfectly – with gorgeous menu system and all. so i’m only a little bit of computer dismantling and remantling away from being able to play them myself, and that makes me immeasurably happy. Zim! ZIIIIIIIIM!

well, after the dismantling and remantling part. not as easy as you’d think.

7 thoughts on “a room with a moose

  1. remantling isn’t really a word — but me putting computers back together isn’t really putting computers back together. so you know, that sort of works. unlike the computers i put back together.

  2. To my dismay, almost all of the people I gave the VCDs to can’t seem to watch them. Either they don’t a a VCD compatable DVD player hooked up to their TV or they are using an old version of Windows Media Player (the version in Win XP plays them). Everything I tried them on worked fine!! I should of just burned them as ordinary MPEG files and let people watch them on their PC! BUT I just wanted them to have ZIM on their TV!!


  3. kd:

    1) Did you ever find clothes for “large and in-charge dykes (bordering-on-butch) in their 30s and 40s” — “some plain clothes, modern classic type stuff that isn’t cheap, lasts long and fits well”?

    2) Where did you get Zim VCDs?

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