a very offline christmas

ahh. back at work on the broadband. couldn’t even bring myself to download my email this morning, it just seemed so potentially frustrating.

christmas was wonderful — and thank you thank you Dan, those are the best candies in the world. even the cat thought so, while we were gone he knocked over the box and licked the chocolate off of one of them. had the decency to look kinda guilty as he rushed out of the house when we came home.

and stacey! — sent this way cool thing called a ‘quad cam’ that takes four pictures one after the other in the same frame. had fun taking pictures on the freeway on the way out to simi. can’t wait to see how they turn out.

still don’t have the zim things from Mr. Blank running, but there was no time to dismantle computers to switch drives. oh, and Mr. B? you were so right about the backlight for the gameboy. it really, really needs one.

sent my son off to the babysitter’s this morning, he never stopped playing the game — wandered out to the car, slowly, playing the whole way.

*yawn* time to confront the email box.

oh — and the big box? i was wrong. not a computer desk. a chair — a nice one. cool, huh?

8 thoughts on “a very offline christmas

  1. Christmas was scarce here… I made everything I gave … except Cheryl’s music box (was purchased when Kevin was making lots of money). Enjoy your chair! ^_^

  2. kd- i was thinking the same thing as stacey..about the chocolate. it’s actually considered poison for dogs, too. hope kitty is good and glad to hear you had a nice day. and yes- going to buy a light for the game boys today!

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