accidental poesy

so a while ago, the post titles in the “recent comments” were arranged thusly:

computer. driving. me. insane.
unprecedented levels of offline-ness
you know what must really suck?
a room with a moose
six is having problems adjusting to his clone status

and i just thought that was kind of profound. um. anyway. i’m going to jack in the box for tacos, anybody want anything?

18 thoughts on “accidental poesy

  1. i have never had jack in the box being from the east coast. do they make burritos? If so, I’ll take a big beef burritos with extra sour cream thanks.

  2. hmm, no burritos, but they have nice taquitos which you can have sour cream and guacamole with. mmm. taquitos.

  3. i’m dyin’ to try one of those. but four tacos is still way cheaper than one of those sammiches. and i was paying with ashtray change (which is the great thing about JitB tacos — you can get a filling lunch of them for ashtray change).

    also i think they put crack in the tacos. they are like the world’s worst tacos, but their badness is absolutely irresistable.

  4. oh no- you said jack n the box tacos….
    when i ate meat (over 10 years ago), they were my absolute favorite. and yes, you’re right- they are the worst, yet irresistable!

  5. shhhhh – don’t look, but you are in a room with a moose again!
    ;-)) hope the jitb was good – I think there is one in Anchorage, but i have never been there.

  6. the good thing about chicken is that you can eat it and pretend it’s something else — afterall everything tastes more or less like chicken, right?

  7. Yep! Both the boys think everything is chicken, “Hey, Mom, what type of chicken is this?” when she cooked a tritip in the crock pot the other week.

    Not to worry, the can recognize pizza on sight…

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