… and then it hit me

so i was walking down the hall, carrying my third cup of coffee, and it hit me like this weird vertigo – i’m going to miss this place. for all the times i’ve ranted and moaned about it, i had a fun job at a laid back place where i didn’t have specific times i had to be at work, where surfing the internet could easily be considered job-related research, and if i had ever showed up in my jammies, no one would have cared. and i would have showed up in jammies, i’m sure, at some point, if i had jammies in which to show. up. anyway.

it’s been close to three and a half years which is about the longest i’ve ever been anywhere. i have issues. i’m not the most … easily managed person in the world. i can’t be instructed to do something a stupid way, when i know for a fact i have a better way. for instance: in the 80’s i worked for an aviation fuel supplier. part of my job was to compile the monthly sales figures from all their stations, and this was done on big wide sheets of green ledger paper and a ten-key. there was a PC on my desk, which had (i think it was) visicalc on it, which wasn’t getting much use – so i proposed to the accountant that i could put together spreadsheets that would look *exactly* like the reports i was doing by hand. she said no. i figured that her reason for saying no was that she just didn’t fully realize what a cool idea it was, so i did it anyway.

in that instance, it worked out, but in many other jobs i’ve had, that sort of behavior is actually frowned upon. can you imagine?

where was i? oh yeah. missing this place. the three years i’ve been here have been extremely eventful in the other areas of my life, and so i think the time that’s passed has been … denser. it feels like dog years. forever.

god i can still remember getting confused trying to find the soda machine. being introduced around and telling everyone right off, hi i’m karen and i’m going to forget your name immediately and continue forgetting it for some time now, please be patient. hell, i’ve only just recently gotten to where i know everybody’s name – except theresa, who i always think of as joyce, and the techs, i still have no idea what any of their names are. i just think of them all as bobs. or maybe alans. or franks. something like that.

i’m going to miss this place.

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  1. I would love to come to california, i think it has been over a decade, *counts fingers* no make that 7 years since I have been down that way.

    I know that feeling of ‘going to miss a place’, I know they will miss you too, KD. Iam sure that there will be other places where you’ll be able to run things your way, other places that will provide challenges and that you will enjoy.

  2. Dear me. Visicalc? Not even 1-2-3?

    I’ve been there, though. I remember getting notice 2 months before the actual date; I skated the entire time. Then 5 months later the idiot guy who thought I was unnecessary was himself gone, and I got hired back by the parent company to take care of all locations, not just the one I’d been responsible for.

  3. yup. visicalc. no GUI whatsoever to speak of. hell, if you didn’t know which keys to hit, the thing was a blank screen. i did a lot of “so, i wonder what ctrl+this does?”. eventually i got so comfy with it that 123 seemed like a scary, huge, unweildy, confusing thing.

    boy. those were the good ole days, eh?

  4. first time i used 1-2-3 was at my next job — since i had *seen* 1-2-3 in action at the old job, i kind of mentioned it on my resume (“familiar with” lotus 123). and lo and behold, there it was, running on one of those little box Macs, with the white screen with the black WYSIWYG graphical interface? omg. i fell in such love with it.

    oh man, that little Mac rocked. it made the greatest sounds. it was vastly amusing, fast, and easy to read (after years of glowy green things on dark backgrounds).

    *sigh* memories, light the corners of my mind, misty water color memories …

  5. jammies rule. but you can’t have jammies without the fuzzy slippers.

    and as far as forgetting names go, I have you beat. Today at work, someone from another office called me to fix something. Now, I’ve worked with this girl for probably 4 years, and when she called I went “who are you? where do you sit?” as if I’d never spoken to her before in my life. I blamed the sinus meds and the poor sleep from last night on it, but my god they must have thought I’d gone senile.

  6. ok something weird is going on.

    this is the third blog (including my own) that i have been to now where i have left the same comment, and it’s totally apropos

    i’m a big believer in pajama’s as all-day apparel.

    ok…this whole thing has got to be milked for all its worth.

    that’s it: since everybody wants to come to CA (like all three other people who read our blog) and since kd you’re out here too and since we’re all nostalgic about pajama’s and stuff…

    when we have our house/blog party it’s gonna be required that everybody wear their pajama’s.

    hmm. i wonder if it’d fly…


    as maybe a parallel venture:

    we should all post what kind of pajama’s we have. you know, with pictures n stuff.

    (it may be becoming apparent that i’ve had way too much coffee today.)

  7. i don’t have any actual pajamas — i tend to favor a long baggy skirt and baggy t-shirt. but i would happily procure cute pajamas for a california style blog/house/pj party. happily.

    in fact i think that’s an excellent idea. everybody come to california!

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