and what do we have here?

when in doubt, check what’s in the camera. in this case, a happy kitty, and some happy girls. i am not at my most cheery, so this is the best i can do – other cheer:

10 thoughts on “and what do we have here?

  1. he had soooo much fun with that box. he came in, he saw the box, he jumped in and acted all cat-crazy; later on chris put the box lid on at that irresistable angle, and kitty loved it.

    yeah, that does kinda cheer me up, come to think of it.

  2. kinda like kids. you buy this insanely cool expensive bells and whistles toy, and the kid disregards it completely in favor of the box it came in.

    look, a happy fort!

  3. Maybe it would be worth the $2.50 at Kodak to scan the pic I have of a long-gone cat we used to live with. It was after a party or something, and we had a big silver punchbowl dried and sitting on a chair waiting to go down to the cupboard where it belonged. Went over to get the bowl, and there was a small grey cat curled up inside it; ran for the camera, and was quiet enough she didn’t notice me doing it. If I can find it, I’ll have to scan it; it’s priceless.

  4. sounds worth it to me! i’d love to see that picture!

    i tried to get one of kitty in the box, but he was too skibbedy about the whole thing, and leapt out before i could get the camera.

  5. Er, my apologies if I just posted a blank comment. Darn enter key. I would simply die for a digital camera, I swear… but then I would simply inundate the world with cat pictures. I’m obsessed when I have film.

    Cheer up, kd! You have lots of love all around you.

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