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so bobby g reminded me of the acoustics of the forum in l.a., and roused these vivid audio-visual memories in me:

i saw Boston at the forum on their “third stage” tour. of course you know Tom Scholz is an obsessive-compulsive about sound, and they were hauling around like 100 semi trucks worth of speakers and a real life honest to god pipe organ the size of … well it was big. and they tuned the sound system exactly to the acoustics of the building, and the guitarists had power packs on their back that transmitted directly to the speakers, and they were wearing some fabric that when properly lit made them look like beings made entirely of light and it was like being inside a live compact disc, crystal perfect sound and then the big pipe organ rises out of the stage and oh man, that was some killer bud we had.

memories. ahh.

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  1. Wasn’t Third Stage the album that the song “Amanda” and “We’re ready” on? Man that was a long time ago.

    Believe it or not my girlfriend Heather doesn’t know classic rock from a hole in the ground. Her musical memories started with New Kids on the Block, went through Prince and Michael Jackson, and now is pretty top 40. It’s odd being with somebody that doesn’t know who LED ZEP is when they come on the radio.

    She’s younger. Us older people have classic rock running in our blood or something. Where I grew up if you didn’t listen to rock you got your butt kicked!

  2. the third stage tour went like this: first they played some hits from the other two albums, then they played the entire third stage album, in order. oh man. that was sweet. and yes, Amanda and I’m Ready were on that, it was … man, i get misty thinking about it.

    then they finished off with a few more hits and an encore, it was just the most lovely concert ever. we had planned on being a little ‘out of it’ when it ended, so we had a nice cheap motel room down there in inglewood, where we went and finished getting really baked and a little tipsy, and then slept it off.

    that was one heck of a long time ago, yes it was.

  3. for your birthday, kd, a little story…

    the first time i ever went to the national cathedral in washington, d.c., i was in college and had gone to d.c. with a friend of mine who’d grown up there. we decided to drop some acid and go on the metro to the national zoo and watch animals while we tripped. so far, so good. (giant pandas are extremely trippy when they’re blue and pink and yellow and their fur changes color while you watch them. just sayin’.)

    anyway, after an hour or two of looking at animals we decided to smoke up, drop another tab apiece, and wander over to the national cathedral, which is in an adjacent neighborhood.

    we went into the cathedral and spent a while looking at everything in that painstaking, minute, rapt detail you can only really accomplish when you’re dosed and everything’s constantly metamorphosing while you look at it (which is why, of course, you’re looking at it so intently).

    and then we noticed that someone was playing the organ. being that we were two conservatory of music students, we thought this was way cool and laid down on our backs on two pews to listen to this amazing avant-garde organ recital. no one else seemed to be listening, but you know, that hardly mattered… it was brilliant, minimal, microtonal, endlessly experimental music that would stop and start with no apparent rhyme or reason. we were high, we were tripping, and we were incredibly transfixed by the sounds we were hearing. it was revolutionary. it was brain-melting stuff, and we couldn’t believe we were the only people there to hear it. we decided we would wait until the organist stopped and then see if we could find him or her to ask what it was that s/he had been performing, because we were just floored.

    we stayed there on those pews, enjoying the trip and listening for a good two or three hours, until finally the music stopped… and the people who had been tuning the pipe organ all afternoon packed up their bags and left for the day.

    my friend and i laughed hysterically all the way back to his place on the metro.

    true story.

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