behold, i bring you tidings of great joy

or at least pictures of them. firstly, today at work, much excitement was generated by the kitchen sink:

so that was fun. i’ll miss working with folks that get all giddy over a little dry ice. anyway.

secondly, and actually thirdly, this evening as i was about to post my delight in discovering that this week, my son’s class will learn about the following, in order, from monday to friday: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Diwali, and Christmas. to quote from their handout: “Our objective for this social studies unit is to help our children become more accepting and build tolerance for diversity.” great school, yes? so as i was typing that happy news, there arose on my porch such a clatter. and lo and behold:

they were very good singers too. i only hope that they didn’t notice my eyes got quite a bit extra-sparkly, standing outside in the cool air, as they caroled with great enthusiasm.

23 thoughts on “behold, i bring you tidings of great joy

  1. Wait wait!
    They’re supposed to bring YOU wassail.
    Is what the legend (with midi!) says.

    I’ve never had any of the stuff, myself. I think it’s still just a legend.
    Someone needs to feed it to me and prove me wrong. Please.

  2. was�sail, n.
    1a. A salutation or toast given in drinking someone’s health or as an expression of good will at a festivity.
    1b. The drink used in such toasting, commonly ale or wine spiced with roasted apples and sugar.

    via the Linkmeister in Faith’s comments. there’s been a major … thang about Wassail lately. batty started it.

  3. “Did you feed them wassail?”

    I’m betting she had a major time choking down a “Whassup?”

    I’ll go quietly, Officer…

  4. nice to see some schools still using a sensible approach and trying to turn out well rounded human beings instead of avoiding religion for fear of offending someone *sigh*


  5. I grew up in a blood-and-brimstone Catholic school, where we sang in Latin, but my family were/are mostly non-practicing, and all musicians and teachers. So we’d go carrolling, up in Sacramento after I’d had a few days to recover from Latin carrolling in S.F., with our saxes and flutes and a clarinet and trombone, and a bass and maybe a triangle. And it was rad.
    But I never got any Wassail. Sigh.

  6. carolers pretty much kick ass

    i think my daughter’s school does that whole diversity thing, too. which is pretty cool. then again, i would expect nothing less from the great state of california…

  7. Did someone say Wassail?!!!
    I’m going to put together a Wassail page I think.
    I just have to now….
    I would have gotten all misty eyed over carolers. I haven’t had carolers at my door in over 20 years or something – I didn’t know people even did that anymore. That is just so wonderful!!!

  8. Since the kid goes to the very strict nuns-rapping-on-knuckles-Mass-every-thursday Catholic school, we got to see their little Christmas pageant Monday night. Lots of *very* traditional Christmas songs in a *very* traditional Catholic church. Quite lovely, especially the teeniest 2nd grader in the front row! It was the pomp & circumstance of Catholicism that kept me from becoming a total lapsed soul during my middle years (those times when Mom & Dad can’t force you to go to services).

    And, I was openly bawling during the 5th-grade rendition of “Little Drummer Boy,” complete with, yeah, drums, and tambourines. I don’t think we’ll be lucky enough to get carolers, so I’m glad I got my fill at school the other night.

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