chatty subversion

Ez: Do you mind if I piss off the Homeland Security Agency right now?
kd: sure go for it

* * *
before and/or after you click more, here’s this … so subversive.

Ez: The plutonium is on its way to you.
Ez: All hail Iran!
kd: right the fuck on. been wondering when it would come
Ez: Okay, I’m done.
Ez: I figure, if we all talk about this shit at least once a day, it will generate so much babble that they’ll go broke trying to listen to it all.
kd: i love that thought
Ez: I was thinking about posting something about that.
kd: you should
Ez: “Hey, everyone, try to say something suspicious once a day.”
kd: everyone should
Ez: They can’t watch everyone.
kd: but they will get all confused trying
Ez: Much like people who watch 24
kd: which i don’t, so i don’t know quite what you mean by that but that
kd: is ok
kd:: oh wait. this is totally postable.
Ez: I don’t watch it either
Ez: I just know Keifer Sutherland is in it
Ez: Which always leads me to the confusion
kd: he’s cute you know.
Ez: What is?
kd: this conversation
Ez: Not all of it, wink, wink
Ez: Do you think Donald Sutherland is cute, too?
kd:: totally hot. totally. since animal house, or before
Ez: Hmm. Interesting. You may be the first person OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT to see that they look alike that I’ve SUPPORT THE LEGALIZATION OF DRUGS spoken to.

10 thoughts on “chatty subversion

  1. What a totally KILL INFIDELS interesting ARMS DEALS conversation. Sounds like a fun DEATH TO ALL AMERICANS game.

    Okay, I think that was overkill. Now I retreat.

  2. this agency is … i have to admit i always thought people that spouted paranoid stuff about the government keeping a database of everywhere you’ve ever gone and everything you’ve bought were crazy. loony. nuts. but this is real. and that’s just … crazy.

  3. kd, I thought I was the only person who WEAPONS GRADE URANIUM SHIPMENTS thought Donald Sutherland was OPIUM AT OSAMA’S HOUSE a hottie. Why is he, though? If I saw him on the WE KNOW CHENEY’S UNDISCLOSED LOCATION street I probably wouldn’t think twice about him. Must be the END THE SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAQ attitude…

  4. bwah! Seriously, I’m just sitting here thinking that DECLARING JIHAD AGAINST THE AMERICAN OPPRESSORS you guys are just hilarious. I’m just thanking God PRAISE ALLAH that you guys are on our side.

  5. Well, I’ve got something that will really give Homeland Security cause to shutter:
    I was educated by nuns……
    And I read and vote…
    Be afraid.
    Be very afraid…..
    This Bill was passed way too quickly. There are attachments to this bill that are not too well known..

  6. Here’s something I have been saving regarding the Democrats not too willing to vote on this:
    They and others objected to giving vaccine makers retroactive liability protection; easing a proposed restriction against granting homeland-security contracts to companies that move off shore to avoid U.S. taxes, and establishing criteria for a homeland-security research center that would effectively put the facility at an institution favored by a number of Republican leaders, Texas A&M.

    “This isn’t good government,” said Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota of the provisions. “This is an embarrassment.”

    This info may be a little old, but saved by me nonetheless…

  7. Yeah, Toxic, and supposedly Lott agreed to “strip” that stuff out, but Delay said the House would “look at it” when the new Congress convenes.

    I wonder what my old TS file looks like? The background investigation took about six months, as I recall.

  8. I’d been a DoD contractor for 18 months before they remembered that my background check was stalled because they kept forgetting to fingerprint me. I was running loose in the pathology center the whole time, incidentally, with unrestricted access. I fear the HSA for the power it gives, but think that the government is confusing better technologies to harvest information with actual analysis of that data, which still relies on well-trained human beings viewing information in a broader context – something that expert systems continue to lag way behind on. I also fear run-on sentences, Liza Minelli, and the show Married with Children.

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