computer. driving. me. insane.

it’s old. it’s slow. something about something causes the DVD player to vanish when an eject button is pressed, and then the computer says “what DVD player? i have no DVD player! what are you talking about?” and requires any number of complete power-downs and BSOD reboots to get back up again. which i put up with, ’cause i not only have the Zims but also Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which i’ve never been able to watch due to … tecnical difficulties. so i have something that sort of works in an annoying fashion, and therefore i’m obsessed with finding the exact combination of things to do to dance around the weird-ass glitches. i know it can be done.

and besides the internet’s too damn slow and the monitor, while fine for full screen video, sucks at displaying webpages (14″ monitor maxed out at 800 x 600 — no way to surf, man).

i’m sorry about the boring whining.

anyway, it’s helping my house get clean-ish. well, less wretchedly messy at least.

10 thoughts on “computer. driving. me. insane.

  1. This laptop can play most DVDs, but the day I got the LOTR extended version & wanted to watch it at work? No dice. Thanks mean DVD player. Grrrr… Oh well, I lost my job after that and then I got to watch it at home – so pfffffft! (How is that for a sad spin on the unemployment situation? LOL!)

  2. I had the same DVD problem in my old computer, and doing two things remedied it:

    1- Switch jumpers. Make the problem drive be set to “cable select”. If it’s on a chain with nother CD drive, also set that to cable select. If they’re both on cable select and you’re having the problem, make one of them master and one slave.

    2- Re-seat the IDE cable connection both on the motherboard and on the drive. (Pull out, and push back in) Re-seat the molex (power) connector, as well. (Only on drives)

    only do this if you know how to deal with computer innards. =] You don’t want to zap something by mistake.

  3. just dropping by to say hello….
    seems like it’s been forever since we’ve blogged. hope you’re enjoying the time away! is kurtwood still playing his gameboy?

  4. You have to perform the ritual naked afro-wigged naked dance around the computer while chanting selections from Commander Taco’s random poetry generator, then I guarantee that everything will work just fine. Have faith in the powers of the supernatural!

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